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AFDA, The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance

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Bachelor of Education Primary. Admin short Courses at Unisa. Are you trying to find ICB Admin short course at Unisa? In the past you could study ICB Admin at Unisa. This has actually fallen away, and Unisa not provides the ICB Courses. See full profile: Ms Candice Johnstone Clinical Psychologist MA.

Clin. Psych (WITS) Hons. Psych Cum Laude (UJ) BA. Psych (UNISA) Cascades Office Park. Find out about the extraordinary work some of UniSA’s outstanding female staff and graduates are doing and how they succeeded.

Technology is disrupting almost every sector – including education, leading to an evolution of the traditional model of learning on campus.

Australia’s most. The OCA BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree programme is sensitive to the fact that students will be enrolling at different levels of writing expertise. Some will be novices for whom this is a first serious foray into creative writing and want to become a writer of published works; others may already have a portfolio of published work behind them.

Chiedza holds a Master’s degree in Applied Drama from the University of Cape Town and a BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts from the University of Zimbabwe. AFDA is the School for the Creative Economy and offers courses in film, television, performance, business innovation and technology, radio and has campuses located in Auckland Park, Johannesburg; Observatory, Cape Town; Durban North, Durban; Central, Port Elizabeth and Gaborone in is a full member of CILECT and its degrees are recommended at a number of.

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